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This is a form of nannery!

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
1:09 am - embrace!
sheenrox 1 nanner, 2 nanner, 3 nanner, 4
5 nanner, 6 nanner, 7 nanners more

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nananananana!!! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nananananana!!! ♥

nanners huh? who was the 1st person to eat a nanner? when he ate it did he take the skin off? if he did, he was a genious! i wouldnt have thought of that. if i had been the first to eat a nanner i woulda ate the skin and TO THIS DAY people would eat the skin. have any of you thought of that? i bet not! if you havent noticed its around 1 'o clock, and now you know what i think about late at night. dont worry nanner squad ill get to the bottom of this if it means my life *dramatic pause*

i bid you fair nanner hunting

current mood: crazy cool!!

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
11:02 pm - Serious Nannery


current mood: nannernannernanner

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2:01 am - attention peoples!
sheenrox esqueeze me my dudette friend, update! what kind of nanner loving people are you if we have but 2 measly updates in the community? one being from the maker the second being this one. two words pa and thetic. now i want anyone that sees this to sit down, stand up, sit down again........stand back up, get a dr.pepper, sit down again, and WRITE A ENTRY! god, do i have to tell everyone of you mustards to post. my point, if its not yet clear-


for people that cant read that spells post, which isnt worth explaining, and still utterly pointless!!!

im ashamed of you nannerists out there, i woulda thought better of you. if youd like me to change my mind, my only advice is, POST!!!!

i think youve caught my drift. over and out nanner squad.

current mood: *bleeeeeep* not really though

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
9:33 pm - Welcome to Nanner central!



This is a community dedicated to Nanner fans! If you don't know what a nanner is, you obviously are missing the fruit of life, literally! SO all of you blessed with the Nannerosity, come join!


Yours truly,


current mood: nannery!

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